Yoga, Indian Culture and Heritage
Keeping in mind the expression “ Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” and a Holistic education opportunity to students The Heritage School has made Yoga education an imperative part of its curriculum where children get in touch with their ‘Inner being’ and become aware for their optimum personality development and good health at all levels : Physical, Mental, emotional and intellectual, so that they can develop radiant health, abundant vitality, peace and utilize their energy in right direction.

The Heritage School holds classes exclusively on Indian Culture and Heritage to enable children to appreciate, learn and practice the Indian way of life along with appreciation of the global diversity and tolerance towards other cultures. The children develop Life skills and learn good values and leadership skills and are offered self Introspection and guidance towards the righteousness (dharma) through the knowledge of though ancient yet so alive Vedas , Puranas, Mahabharat , Ramayana, Bible, Quran and other ancient scriptures by means of various activities and projects. The children are also told about the unmatched contribution of Indian science and discoveries that help them to raise awareness and take pride as a nation and stand tall as global citizens.