Secondary School (IX and X)
The Secondary Section of the senior Wing of The Heritage School includes classes IX and X.
This wing of the school prepares students for their first public examination ICSE. Here the students are encouraged to participate in activities like debate, quiz, and different All India Science and Mathematics tests, including Olympiads. Stress is given to discipline and punctuality. Focus is always on creating a learning environment for students. Project work for each subject as per the Council guidelines gives them the opportunity to work independently and also develops research skills in them. Much stress is given to academics, along with additional help so that the students excel in their board examinations.
Students take formative and preparatory tests for their preparation.
The objective is to prepare responsible, disciplined and respectful individuals who are equipped with knowledge & skill and have moral values.

Syllabus at the Senior School ( IX and X ).
In accordance with ICSE requirements, all the students of class IX have to select subjects from the option given by CISCE in classes IX and X, and appear for the ICSE examination.
A. GROUP I (Compulsory)
The council has identified the following subjects as compulsory subjects
1. English
2. A Second language
(The school offers the following languages as second language: Hindi, Bengali, German, French)
3. History, Civics and Geography
(Any one of the following options as offered by the school)
1. Science ( Physics, Chemistry and Biology) + Mathematics
2. Commercial Studies + Mathematics/ Enviromental Science

(Any one of the following subjects)
1. Computer Applications
2. Commercial Applications
3. Economic Applications
4. Environmental Applications
5. Physical Education
7. Art
8. Home Science
Note : Certain subject combinations which the council does not allow are as follows:
1. Commercial studies from group II and Commercial application from group III
2. Environmental science from group II and Environmental application from group III.

The Senior Secondary School (Class XI and XII).
The Senior School Wing of The Heritage School includes classes XI and XII. Our focus is always on creating a scholastic environment that encourages students to gain knowledge and develop their own inherent talents. The objective is to provide a comprehensive education that aims at physical, intellectual and emotional well being of the children under our care.
Syllabus at the Senior Secondary School ( XI and XII ).
In accordance with the ISC requirements, all students admitted to class 11 have to select subjects which they wish to study at the +2 level (classes 11 and 12).
The compulsory subject is: English.
In addition to English (Compulsory,) five elective subjects have to be chosen. Ratification of choice of subjects depends on academic record.
Students are given provisional admission to Class XI which will be considered for confirmation after the declaration of Board Results.
Admission Criterion:
Science Stream:
An aggregate of 75% in the Pre Boards, with at least 70% marks in Maths and Science
Commerce Stream:
An aggregate of 70% in the Pre Boards, with at least 65% marks in Maths.
An aggregate of 65% in the Pre Boards, with at least 70% marks in English.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology Hindi
Accounts Commerce Business Studies Economics Bengali
History Political Science Psychology Computer Science Elective English
Home Science Geography Environmental Science Sociology Physical Education Art