“The Heritage School has been an Inclusive school since its inception in 2001. The family has grown to about 100 children and 12 Special Educators under the Special Needs umbrella. We cater to the needs of children with various needs like physical impairment, cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. We have learnt to be realistic in our expectations, to be better able to bridge the gap between expectation and achievement and most importantly, to provide a happy, healthy environment for our students.
In an inclusive set up there are many benefits:
• Children with disabilities are spared the effects of separate, segregated education including the negative effects of labeling and negative attitudes fostered by lack of contact with typically developing children.
• They learn when and how to use their skills through imitation and competent peers with whom to interact and thereby learn new social and communicative skills.
• They share realistic life experiences that prepare them to live in the community and develop friendships with peers.
• Children without disabilities are provided with opportunities to learn more realistic and accurate views about individuals with disabilities. They develop positive attitudes toward others who are different from themselves. In keeping with its policy of inclusion, The Heritage School has undertaken to take children with learning challenges through the NIOS curriculum. We have been teaching this curriculum since 2007 and many children have successfully completed their schooling and moved on to courses and careers in the outside world. In 2013-14, six students have completed the Senior Secondary Examinations and joined courses in Business Management, Hotel Management etc.“There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter the way you meet them." –at The Heritage we do both.”